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PostPosted: 25 Mar 2007, 20:12
by avetik
It's about time to discuss what alphabet is better
for Hamshentsi's to use today. Let's be open-minded
about this issue. I love Armenian alphabet and I love
Cyrillic alphabet too, but not everybody can read in
them, however most everybody, specially those who
live in Turkey can read latin. So, my suggestion is
to focus on Latin. Let's open discussion here...

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2007, 05:23
by Sako Pasha
But wouldn't Armenian be easier still.The Armenian Alphabet is very easy and simple.I am saying this from the point of view from a person who can not read and write Armenian.And the Armenian Language written is very easy to read,no matter what dialect or almost independent entity it may be.

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2007, 18:07
by avetik
For me, I never studied Armenian (had to learn how to read on my own) and when I write I often do mistakes because I am just never sure how to spell any particular word in Armenian. I've heard this is a problem for many migrants from Turkey (such as residents of Javakh, which are from Erzerum/Karin) who study Eastern Armenian in schools, yet at home they speak Western Armenian and experience clashes in grammar/prononciations. I love the Armenian alphabet, and it is perfect for its language. Yet Hamshen dialect has some problems even with Armenian alphabet: for example, the sound "a" (as in "cat" or "apple") would not be possible to write in Armenian using letter "ա" without putting some kind of an umlaut, yet Caniktsi/Orduetsi always use that sound in their speech (and as I found out Musalertsi also)...