Hovann Simonian (editor) :: The Hemshin

Hovann Simonian (editor) :: The Hemshin

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History, Society and Identity in the Highlands of Northeast Turkey
Hovann Simonian, University of Southern California (USC)

The Hemshin are without doubt one of the most enigmatic peoples of Turkey and the Caucasus . As former Christians who converted to Islam centuries ago yet did not assimilate into the culture of the surrounding Muslim populations, as Turks who speak Armenian yet are often not aware of it, as Muslims who continue to celebrate feasts that are part of the calendar of the Armenian Church, and as descendants of Armenians who, for the most part, have chosen to deny their Armenian origins in favour of recently invented myths of Turkic ancestry, the Hemshin and the seemingly irreconcilable differences within their group identity have generated curiosity and often controversy.

The Hemshin is the first scholarly work to provide an in-depth study of these people living in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey . This groundbreaking volume brings together chapters written by an international group of scholars that cover the history, language, economy, culture and identity of the Hemshin. It is further enriched with an unprecedented collection of maps, pictures and appendices of up-to-date statistics. The Hemshin forms part of the Peoples of the Caucasus series, an indispensable and yet accessible resource for all those with an interest in the Caucasus.


Part I: History

1. Morale, cohesion and power in the first centuries of Amatuni Hamshen Anne Elizabeth Redgate

2. Hamshen before Hemshin: the prelude to Islamicization Hovann H. Simonian

3. The manuscript painting of Hamshen Christina Maranci

4. Hemshin from Islamicization to the end of the nineteenth century Hovann H. Simonian

5. Ottoman political and religious élites among the Hemshin: the mid-nineteenth century to 1926 Alexandre Toumarkine

6. Interactions and mutual perceptions during the 1878-1923 period: Muslims of Armenian background and Armenians in the Pontos Hovann H. Simonian

Part II: Geography, economy and architecture

7. Notes on the historical geography and present territorial distribution of the Hemshinli Hagop Hachikian

8. Social and economic structures of the Hemshin people in Çamlihemsin Erhan Gürsel Ersoy

9. Hemshin folk architecture in the Akbucak, Ortayol and Ugrak villages of the county of Pazar in Rize Gülsen Balikçi

Part III: Language

10. Homshetsma: the language of the Armenians of Hamshen Bert Vaux

11. Armenian in the vocabulary and culture of the Turkish Hemshinli Uwe Bläsing

Part IV: Identity, state and relations with neighbours

12. Some particulars of Hemshin identity Hagop Hachikian

13. The Hemshin People: ethnic identity, beliefs and yayla festivals in Çamlihemsin Erhan Gürsel Ersoy

14. Hemshinli-Lazi relations in northeast Turkey Ildikó Bellér-Hann

15. Turks and Hemshinli: manipulating ethnic origins and identity Rüdiger Benninghaus

December 2006: 234x156: 452pp
Hb: 978-0-7007-0656-3

For further information, or to order this book, please email thehemshin@aol.com, or click here:

http://www.routledge.com/shopping_cart/ ... 706563&pc=

Part of the Caucasus World: Peoples of the Caucasus series: http://www.routledge.com/asianstudies/s ... p?series=6
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Re: Hovann Simonian (editor) :: The Hemshin

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Re: Hovann Simonian (editor) :: The Hemshin

Postby HeMSiNLi_Asi » 16 Nov 2009, 11:12

Can we find original? Is it sold in Turkey? I found even Hamshen Armenians, hard (Aliye Alt's book). How we can find this book in Turkey... I think it's so difficult...
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Re: Hovann Simonian (editor) :: The Hemshin

Postby Vashdonoglu » 22 Nov 2009, 20:39

The original book is 150 usd!!!!

It's not sold in Turkey; anyways it's not sold in the world too because very expensive.

If you want you can order it from the internet but it will be much cheaper to download the scan from the internet and print it.
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